“My daughters (ages 7 & 10) have been taking a weekly art class for the last 6 weeks from a wonderful art teacher named Bobbie Rich.  She is a USC Fine Art Graduate and the nicest person you could ever meet.  If you are looking for someone to teach your kids (she teaches adults too) how to draw or someone to teach an art workshop, then you cannot go wrong with Bobbie.  She also does fine art birthday parties!”  -David R. Droeger

“The teacher, the artist....Ms. Bobbie!  She has not only inspired my daughter, Kindra as a student, Ms. Bobbie taught Kindra to express her passion of art with artistry that is becoming her own.  I believe motivation and enthusiasm cannot be taught, but Ms. Bobbie brought this out in this student.  Kindra loves the arts more today than with her previous sessions and teachers.  Ms. Bobbie is our preference for technique, style, but most of all patience to better the students’ own talents.” 

-Janine Soto

“Miss Bobbie is the best teacher!!!  She helps us when we need help and also she is kind and talented at painting.”  -Laura Le (age 8)

“My Mom wanted me to go to a class a block away, but I said no because Miss Bobbie teaches better.”  -Shivani  (Age 7)

“Thank you for teaching me how to draw and paint.  I enjoy drawing and spending time with you.”

-Jennifer  (Age 10)

“Miss Bobbie, you are my favorite art teacher.  You are also the most wonderful art teacher in the world.  I also think that you are the best artist in the world.”  -Sandra  (Age 10)

“Bobbie Rich is one hundred percent involvement.  Intellectual, artistic, expressive and thoughtful--Bobbie will be making contributions before you even realize it.  ‘This is a girl,’ I have said to myself over and over, ‘whom I must keep track of.’  She is going to do things for others and for her community that others only talk of doing--only dream of doing.  And I think that is the key to Bobbie’s success.  She , at a tender age, is daring to accomplish things.  Bobbie lives as if there were no reason to wait.  When I think of Bobbie Rich, I see eyes sparkling with  enthusiasm, I hear a voice excited with the possibilities of her own limitless energy and talents and I imagine a woman whose shear being will be an inspiration to many to push themselves to their own creative and intellectual limits.  Bobbie Rich is simply the best there is!  -Patricia Meloy

“You have some talented students, but even more so, they have an AMAZiNG teacher!!”

-Lindsey Rich

“We had the pleasure of meeting and working with a wonderful artist and teacher this past friday. Bobbie did a private art session for a small group of us at my home, and the kids absolutely LOVED her. She is incredibly talented and sweet with the greatest positive energy!! Even my little Amelia who just turned 3, was totally engaged for the whole hour.”  -Shadi




Bobbie is amazing with the kids and they love her and the art class.  She can manage multiple children and they produce the most beautiful art week after week - we literally have no walls left to show it off!! She’s fun and funny and the kids love her style and beautiful art.  She is a talented teacher and artist and we are so thankful to have her as our art teacher.  The class has brought the parents together as well and we enjoy a little adult time while the kids are producing their masterpieces! 


*All artists are encouraged by seeing their art on display!  Gaelyn does a particularly amazing job of combining both professional and kid art on the walls of her beautiful home. 

*Parents have been wonderful in teaming up with other families to create groups that meet weekly in a single home or rotate between homes!  The group Gaelyn's children are a part of is unique in that after class parents wine & dine, while the kids feast and watch a movie.