San Fernando Valley Success Story: Jane Haren

Jane has an incredible amount of creativity and absolutely no fear of going BIG.  The murals featured above are floor to ceiling Jane creations!  Jane shares her artistic ability as a volunteer teaching mosaic workshops to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles.  Bobbie very much enjoys referring her students to all the amazing charity opportunities in Southern California and is incredibly proud of the outstanding work Jane does.

"I love creating art on my walls with Bobbie.  She is teaching me how to draw/paint the way I envision the art in my head.  The most important lesson she has given me is the ability to find my own style and connection with the art I create."  -Jane

Jane is also an avid collector of Bobbie's work.  She currently owns "The Singer," "Aqua" and "Calla."

"When I look at Bobbie's paintings I see them come to life.  Each painting is a story unto itself.  I see art that is both unique and inspiring."  -Jane Haren

Bobbie hanging show at Encino Terrace

Jane and Family at the Pacific Palisades Library Gallery Reception

Bobbie accepting First Prize at Burbank Art Center

Bobbie with her painting The Dance at VIVA Gallery, Sherman Oaks

Bobbie Rich Burbank Solo Show Reception

Bobbie Rich Finegood Gallery Reception

Women Painters West Gallery Opening

Orlando Gallery Solo Show Opening Reception

Modest Fly Gallery Opening

Gallery Owner Iren purchased Safe by Bobbie RIch