Redondo Beach Success Story:  Autumn Lee

Autumn Lee won First Place in Artistic Achievement at The Korean Institute of Southern CA.  Autumn is very creative combining source material with her own imagination. 

Autumn Lee with her art champion certificate and trophy.

Redondo Beach Student Naima with Bobbie and their newspaper story at Flights of Fancy Art Opening, standing in front of Naima’s tiger oil painting

Redondo Beach Art Student Vi with his 1st Place Drug Free America Design and Certificate

Torrance’s Amanda with her dolphins and Redondo Beach’s Sarah with her portrait at The Pacific Palisades Library Gallery Reception for Bobbie Rich Fine Art

Power of Art Nonprofit Workshop by Bobbie Rich Fine Art, Redondo Beach

Story and Art by Bobbie Rich Fine Art for The Redondo Beach Art Group Nonprofit

Shamma and Naima with Bobbie at Riviera Holiday Stroll

Hong Family at Redondo Beach Art Party

with Bobbie’s painting “Gem”