Pacific Palisades Library Gallery with Jessica

and her turtle oil painting

PP Library Gallery Vanessa, Genesis, Jasmine and fans with Bobbie’s “Galaxy Boys”

Palisadian Post with Naima

and Bobbie’s “Whim”

All BRFA students have been given the opportunity to hang their masterpieces in 2 Shows at The Pacific Palisades Library Gallery.  These wonderful opportunities were made possible by the Pacific Palisades Art Association.

Eden Padawer: Pacific Palisadesʼ Youngest Resident Artist

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. — Pacific Palisades resident Eden Padawer is a budding artist at the impressionable age of 4. Eden began displaying an interest in drawing at age 2. Ever since, she has found time on her own to sit and create.  Edenʼs short self taught sessions began adding up to a few hours of art daily.

Eden shares a bit of her insight:

“I always dream art. That is how I know how to draw new things when I wake up.”

Edenʼs parents Bren and Jeremy saw a photo and small write up in The Palisadian Post about Bobbie Rich Fine Artʼs student show at the Pacific Palisades Library. They decided it was time to foster Edenʼs natural interest and talent with private in home art lessons. Bobbie comes to work with Eden on a weekly basis for one hour lessons. Bobbie brings a variety of reference material and also encourages Eden to find her own in favorite storybooks. Each week Eden selects what she would like to create. Bobbie works on a separate paper to show Eden step by step how to build her drawing from simple shapes to shading and details.

Bren Padawer sees results starting from the very first lesson:

“Eden is now able to see the separate shapes that come together to create a more complex object. Her proportions are more accurate and she more fully fills her page. Eden now includes backgrounds in her pictures. Her depictions are less cartoony and more realistic when she wants them to be.”

Eden and Bobbie enjoy working together creating unique masterpieces. There is always much delight and many giggles when learning all the art fundamentals.

Bren concurs:

“Eden loves to concentrate on drawing, and her lessons with Bobbie fly by because she is having such a good time. Her lessons with Bobbie have boosted Edenʼs self esteem. She loves the individualized attention and sharing her finished artwork with family to rave reviews.”

Bobbie with Palisade’s Student Tara

4 Year Old Art Birthday Party, Pacific Palisades

Art Birthday Party Fun

Pacific Palisades

Art Parties and Classes starting soon to support Marquez Charter School!  Eden & Elizabith practice with Thanksgiving turkey pastel drawings.