Bobbie Rich currently resides off of Montana Avenue.  If you are searching for an art teacher, Bobbie is your answer.  She delights in having students close to home.  Bobbie Rich’s current Brentwood students range in age from 4 to 70.  Anyone who enjoys creativity is the perfect candidate for art lessons.  Bobbie is the go too art instructor for busy Brentwood parents.  She travels to your home at your convenience!




Brentwood Art Students Shauna and Nikki having fun painting cupcakes

Bobbie at her Brentwood Art Show

Bobbie’s Brentwood Art Display

Brentwood Student Keith

Bobbie and Brentwood Student Keith.  Keith has autism and uses it to his advantage to create particularly unique and detailed art.

Bobbie Rich Fine Art Student Etan demonstrating Oil Painting at the Brentwood Farmers Market

Brew-N-Beans Art Show displaying Bobbie’s art to left and student art to right.  Congratulations Jasmine, Vanessa, Naima, Amanda, Oceana and Eden!