“I had always wanted to learn to oil paint but was a bit intimidated by the whole process.  Bobbie broke it down into a step by step process that was both easy to follow and fun to do.  I really enjoyed watching my work evolve into a real piece of art that I am actually proud to display in my home!  I will definitely be able to use and develop the skills I learned from Bobbie – she really made oil painting very accessible and really rewarding.”   - Molly Mickelson

“We have loved having you in our home and teaching us art, including the art of patience. Thank you so much for your time and tolerance, not to mention your amazing gift to gently push each of us to achieve what we didn't think possible. You are a wonderful art teacher and we will highly recommend you to anyone looking.”   -Tina


"I love creating art on my walls with Bobbie.  She is teaching me how to draw/paint the way I envision the art in my head.  The most important lesson she has given me is the ability to find my own style and connection with the art I create."   -Jane Haren

"Bobbie is amazing.  In just a few months our daughter went from never having taken drawing or painting classes to having a complete portfolio which she submitted to Otis College of Art and Design and was accepted!!  Bobbie worked with my daughter in many different mediums - charcoal, colored pencils, watercolor, oil paints and more.  Bobbie was very passionate and encouraging.  We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a talented, fun and dependable art teacher."   -Teresa

"Bobbie is the first art teacher I've had that really taught me the fundamental skills in painting and drawing.  She's not only a highly skilled and effective teacher, but makes learning interesting and fun, and after two years I still look forward to every lesson.  I owe so much of the progress I've made in my artwork over these past years to her.  I can honestly say that without Bobbie I would not have developed the talent and love for painting that has opened so many new opportunities in my life."   -Stephanie Ren