“Dear, dear Bobbie, Gem has a new home and I couldn’t be happier!  She is going to brighten my days, become my confidante, she is a hip West Coast sister come to stay, and I will enjoy her forever!  I am so pleased to have a work of yours in my home.  I knew immediately where she would perch -- and she looks PERFECT there.  She is perched!  Even the way she sits is just right for the place.  I love, love, love the textures of the surfaces!  Bobbie, I want more.  Your Gem is here to stay.”     -Senora Meloy

"When I look at Bobbie's paintings I see them come to life.  Each painting is a story unto itself.  I see art that is both unique and inspiring."     -Jane Haren

“Thanks for helping us out with your paintings which I love. I think your style is perfect for Marisa's character, fresh, bold, feminine, sexy, and in power.”     -Yan Cui

“Bobbie Rich is clearly a gifted person, capable of independent thoughts and blessed with the innovative ability to translate those thoughts into creative works of art.  Bobbie’s innate ability, perseverance, and grasp of the factual and conceptual ideas has enabled her to perform at a competence far beyond others at her age level.     

-Blake Mueller

“I am delighted to see what your art work looks like...It makes me smile....a smile that sticks and stays...I like it...and now I get your never knows what someone's artwork might look like....but i like this picasso-esque view of people.”     -Catherine Hayden

“Bobbie, ‘Bella’ is so much more vivid and alive in person! I'm so excited to purchase it! You are one talented girl. :D”     -Tina Graves

“Great sense of color and humor, plus your illustrative style feels fresh.”     -Richard Ruthsatz

“Bobbie’s silkscreens are similar to minimalist prints by Matisse featured in the Norton Simon Museum.  She captures facial expressions well.”     -Todd Smith

“I love your art, it is beautiful, lively, friendly, with humor and lively colors.”     -Zareh Meguerditchian

“Your work shines.”     -Bracha Kronovet

“Oh, Bobbie, everything has arrived, and they are perfect!!!!  Solace is already in my living room and amazes me!  I keep going back to notice everything about it.  It has a mysterious calm in it that I just love, and the colors are exquisite!  Thank you, thank you!  The Virtue print is in my foyer where everyone will also see it.  It is amazing!  I do not think I will frame Solace - it definitely shows so beautifully on its own.  Thanks for everything, Bobbie!  I am happy to be a new collector of your work!  I hope by next year to be able to buy another painting!”     -Liesa Kelley

Current Shows

Mizel Estate

Thousand Oaks, CA

Lido di Manhattan

FOLA Exhibition

1550 Rosecrans Ave.

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

U.S. Embassy

U.S. Ambassador McKee

Exhibition in representational space of the Ambassador’s residence, where official functions are held .

Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea