“My 5 year old son took art class with Bobbie Rich and he enjoyed it so much. Bobbie is so creative bringing many picture books or drawing my son's favorite things. Bobbie is always ready to work from start to finish. Bobbie, you are really awesome. We are so glad she has been in our lives.”  -Mercedes Kurlak

“Ms. Bobbie has a gift for working with children. She has been teaching art to my 4 and 7 year old for over a year at our home and they absolutely love her. They are always so excited for art class to start and she always comes promptly. They have both grown in skill, creativity and perseverance as artists since she has been working with them. The quality of the art instruction that they receive far exceeds other teachers and classes we have tried in the past. Recently she started working with my 10 year old who has autism (low-functioning, non-verbal) and I was amazed at how quickly she was able to make him feel comfortable and the artwork she was able to do with him. I wished we had put him in her class earlier! She just has a way with kids, putting them at ease and drawing out their talents and creativity! Absolutely would recommend her! Especially for anyone who has kids with special needs.” -Sue Lee

Bobbie is available and excited to work with kids of all types and levels.  She has worked with The Miracle Project to better her understanding of Autism.  Bobbie has also worked for Art of Elysium with kids and adults in hospitals.  She has even taught classes very successfully in broken Spanish.  Bobbie is always open to learning about different abilities, challenges and people. 


Bobbie Rich - Painter

I am currently participating in Pieces of Heaven, but mostly I have been behind the scenes. I began teaching teens expressive, portrait paintings in the Children's Hospital's teen lounge. Now I visit patients in isolation and bedside at UCLA Santa Monica and UCLA Westwood.

I believe that if everyone took and hour, a day, a week--whatever they may have each month to spare and donated the time to the betterment of society, this world would be a much better place with a lot less strife and suffering. The Art of Elysium is an organization that facilitates a portion of my giving back. The Art of Elysium ensures that my community service directly enriches lives. Instant gratification!

Volunteering with very ill children, who still manage to stay positive, makes it extremely apparent how fortunate I am for my health. My experiences with The Art of Elysium have taught me patience and the importance of living in the present.


SEPTEMBER VOLUNTEER ARTIST SPOTLIGHT Laughter, hope, confidence, and empowerment—these are just a few of the many gifts each of you, in volunteering for The Art of Elysium, have given to children and their families. And in return, each of you has experienced the magic of sharing your unique creativity. In these magical moments, you weren’t working in a hospital with ill children, but giving young people a means to discover their own creative voices. We hope the children inspired you as much as you have them and for that we are very grateful.